“Sheol No” – One Year Bible Reading (Psalms/Proverbs) – January 6

Psalm 6:1-10  Sheol No   A Penitential/Lament Psalm By David

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Psalm 6:1-10 Sheol No

David is in a bad mood . . . again.  You would be too if you were being chased around by your son who had ripped your kingdom away from you (check out 2 Sam. 17 esp. v. 24).

David believes he is being punished by God and is asking for mercy (v. 1)

He’s feeling sick, either physically or emotionally and spiritually (v. 2-3, this psalm was possibly written when he was sick after his son by Bathsheba died, cf. Ps. 51).  Even his “bones” are feeling sick (v. 2).  He’s “pining” away (“feint” NIV, remember the witch at the end of the Wiz was melting?).

He’s doing the “how long” thing again (v. 3, remember Ps. 4:2?).  He uses the argument that he can’t praise God in Sheol, the holding tank for the dead in the OT, if God allows him to be offed (v. 5).  He appeals to God’s hesed, His covenant love (v.4, “unfailing love” NIV, “lovingkindness”  NASB).

He’s really, really not feeling well (vv. 6-7).

He tells those who are after to him to scat (v. 8) because He knows God has heard his plea (v. 9).

Once again the psalmist starts by whining but then remembers Who God is and then ends up trusting Him.

Once again, can you end in trust?


Proverbs 1:29-33   A Good Security System

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People who hate to be good (v. 29) will end up with stomach aches from eating their own bad fruit (v. 31) and it’ll kill them (v. 32).

They should have listened to Wisdom so they could live in safety, away from evil and harm (v. 33).

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