“Reports Are Flooding In, Part 2” – One Year Bible Reading (Psalms/Proverbs) – May 4

Psalm 104:24-35    A Hymn About Creation By Anonymous

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Psalm 104:24-35     Reports Are Flooding In, Part 2

Today we investigate the second part of Psalm 104.  It is a paean to nature and parallels the Genesis account of creation.

Verses 2 parallels Genesis 1:3   Day One     light

Verses 6 parallels Genesis 1:5-6   Day Two      earth, waters

Verses 7-8 parallel Genesis 1:9   Day Three     dry land

Verse 19 parallels Genesis 1:14    Day Four      stars, sun, moon

Verses 25-29 parallel Genesis 1:20-25   Day Five     birds, fish

Verse 30  parallels Genesis 1:26-27   Day Six     humans


In 2005, a huge tsunami hit Indonesia.  Unfortunately, Greta Van Sustern announced, “reports are flooding in . . . .”  I’ll bet they were.  In this psalm, the writer is reporting that God is above all.  He created all things.  Reports are still flooding in and human beings are not paying attention.

The psalmist shouts to the world about God’s great works (v. 24).  The seas and all creatures speak of His greatness but mankind comes up with stupid ways to explain it away like macro-evolution.  Of course, there is micro-evolution within a species but no one has ever discovered proof of evolution between species like amoeba turning into fish turning into  apes turning into human beings.  A network like CBS may all of a sudden report that they have proof and a few days later the evidence becomes like the dandelion seeds that dissipate in the soft breeze of summer.

Leviathan could be crocodiles, huge animals that you don’t want to mess with (v. 26).  God feeds all creatures, if He didn’t, they would “expire” (vv. 27-29).

Man was created when God breathed His breath of life into him (cf. Gen. 2:7).

All of God’s works reflect His glory (vv. 31-32).  That is one reason to worship Him (v. 33).  We should meditate on His works (v. 34).  Christians often do not consider nature as they should.  They just take it for granted.  All Christians should be tree-huggers and gardeners.  Or, at least, mow their lawn.

Some day sinners and evil people won’t exist (v. 35).  Since the Rapture occurs before the Seven Year Tribulation then the Millennium begins, Christ could be ruling on earth as soon as seven years from today’s date (see Jacob’s Trouble)!  Wouldn’t it be a lot better to look forward to that event than then next presidential inauguration?


Proverbs 14:22-24      The Department Of Redundancy Department

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Isaiah says that we all go astray like sheep that wander (cf. Isa. 53:6).  Everyone who has not trusted Christ goes astray (v. 22a).  Those who trust the Lord are capable of pleasing Him (cf. Heb. 11:6) and doing good (v. 22b).

All work is good, even if that means you are doing your school work or volunteering (v. 23a).  If you just sit around and talk about stuff, you’ll end up poor (v. 23b).

Wise people are the richest people in the world (v. 24a).

I think I already said what was in verse 24b.  Or it seems like it maybe because the book of Proverbs keeps saying something like it.  The folly of fools is foolishness.  Is that from the department of redundancy department?   Foolish fools are foolish.  They do foolish things.  Like things like folly.  Even a caveman could understand that.  I’m not kidding.

Maybe that’s like saying that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

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