“Making A Prophet” – One Year Bible Reading – May 11

Old Testament: 1 Samuel 10: 1 – 11: 15

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1 Samuel 10: 1 – 16  Making A Prophet

Samuel told Saul to go back home and he’d be greeted by a bunch of prophets with tambourines and flutes and prophesying.  He told Saul that he’d start prophesying, too.  After that Saul was supposed to wait seven days for Samuel to come and tell him what to do.

So Saul went back and sure enough a bunch of prophets met him with tambourines and flutes and prophesying.  And sure enough, Saul also started prophesying.  Later a proverb was coined, “Is Saul also among the prophets?” (v. 12).

Saul’s uncle asked Saul what had happened and Saul told him but left out the part about his becoming king.

1 Samuel 10: 17 – 27  Making A Claim

Samuel had all the people come to him at Mizpah to rebuke them for asking for a King and for rejecting Yahweh from over them.  He also announced who was going to be the new king.  The tribe of Benjamin was taken by lot and specifically the family of Matrite and even more specifically Saul, the son of Kish.  But when his name was announced, Saul was nowhere to be found!  Yahweh told Samuel that Saul was hiding in the baggage claim.  He was brought forward and everyone could see he was a head taller than everyone else.  All the people yelled, “Long live the King!”  But a bunch of “worthless men” (NASB, “scoundrels,” NIV, “children of Belial,” KJV) didn’t think things were going to work out and didn’t bring Saul any presents.

1 Samuel 11: 1 – 15  A Nutty Situation

The Ammonites (“sometimes you feel like a nut”) came to battle the men of Jabesh.  The man of Jabesh asked the Ammonites for a treaty and in exchange they were to serve them.  The head Ammonite, Nahash, said, “OK, we’ll make a treaty with you but first you have to gouge out all your right eyes.  The elders of Jabesh replied back to Nahash, “well, give us a few days to think about it.  We need to send out messengers to the rest of Israel and if no one comes to help us then we’ll let you gouge out our eyes” (v. 2-4).

The messengers arrived in Gibeah where Saul lived and starting weeping through both eye balls which were still intact.  Saul came down and asked why everyone was crying.  He was told what had happened and he got really ticked.  Then the Spirit of the Lord came on him and he took a couple of oxen and cut them in pieces.  Then he sent the pieces out all over Israel saying everyone who didn’t come out to help him fight the Ammonites would have their oxen cut up in the same way.

Three hundred thousand and thirty thousand soldiers showed up for the attack.  He sent word to the men of Jabesh that he was on his way.

So the men of Jabesh told Nahash and company that they’d be ready for them the next day.  The next day Saul and his men slaughtered the Ammonites so that there was not two men left standing together.   Then the people wanted the “worthless men,” “the scoundrels,” “the children of Belial” brought up and executed for not supporting Saul.  But Saul was feeling magnanimous that day and said no one would be executed because they were celebrating Yahweh’s deliverance.  Then the went up to Gilgal and renewed the covenant there.  Everbody was really happy.

New Testament: John 6:43-71

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John 6: 43 – 58   The Best Way To Loaf

The people started “grumbling” (v. 43) when they heard what Jesus was saying about believing in Him.  He said no one could come to Him without the help of the Father.  He again repeated that He was the One responsible for raising people up on the last day.  He said He was the only one who had seen the Father.

There are seven “I Am’s” in the book of John.  Here is one of them, “I am the bread of life” (v. 48).  He then compared Himself to the manna that the Israelites were fed in the wilderness with the exception that He was spiritual bread that would sustain people eternally.  All the manna-eaters had perished in time.

Now the Jews went from “grumbling” to arguing (v. 52).  They didn’t understand how they were supposed to eat Jesus.  Jesus mentioned the “last day” thing again telling them His flesh and blood were true good and true drink.  He said someone who feasts in this way would have life and have it eternally (v. 57-58).

John 6: 59 – 71   Gere-ing Up

His disciples said they didn’t understand what He was saying either.  He asked if His words were causing them to stumble (v. 61).  He asked if it would help if they could see Him going up to Heaven.  He told them the problem for some of them was their unbelief.  It turns out that Jesus knew who believed and who didn’t and also who would betray Him.

All kinds of churches are doing all they can to get more and more people to come to services.  However, after Jesus had drawn an enormous crowd, what did He do?  He grossed them out and caused them to scatter!  Even some of his disciples peeled off.  Jesus turned to the the twelve and asked if they wanted to peel off, too.   Peter, doing his best Richard Gere imitation from An Officer and A Gentleman, weepingly cried out, “Where are we going to go?  You alone have the Words of Life!”  Jesus said He wasn’t the One who had chosen the twelve, but He said one of them was the Devil’s representative (v. 70).  He meant Judas because He knew Judas was going to betray Him.

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