“Deliah, De-Liar” – One Year Bible Reading – May 2

Old Testament:  Judges 15:1-16:31

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Judges 15: 1 – 20   A Bunch Of Crop

Samson went back to see his wife but her father told him that he gave her to his best man.  Her father said, “Here take her younger sister.  She’s better looking anyway.”  Samson replied that he would be the judge of who is a fox or not.

So Samson went out and caught 300 foxes.  He tied their tails together with torches in between and set them out to burn the Philistine’s crops.  The Philistines wanted to know who did it and they were told the whole story.  Then they were mad and burnt Samson’s wife and new father-in-law.  When Samson found out, he said, “OK, now you’re really going to get it!”  And he slaughtered a bunch of then and hid himself in the cleft of the rock.

The Philistines came to get Samson.  3,000 men of Judah asked Samson if they could bind him and turn him over to the Philistines.  Samson said they could as long as they didn’t kill him.

As he was turned over to them, the Spirit of the Lord came on Him as he broke the ropes like they were wet pieces of spaghetti (my description).  Then he picked up the jawbone of a donkey and killed a thousand Philistines with it.  He then realized he was thirsty and asked Yahweh for water so Yahweh caused water to come out of the ground.

Judges 16: 1 – 14   De-liar

Samson went to Gaza and picked up a prostitute.  The Gazites found out and surrounded the place they were in.  So Samson pulled down posts of the doors of the city gates and carried them up the mountain with him as he walked away.

That’s when he met Delilah.  Her job was to get Samson to divulge the source of his strength.  The Philistines offered her cash to find out Samson’s secret.  She kept trying her girly stuff but Samson responded by messing with her.  Despite the fact that Deliah had him bound each time Samson gave her a bogus answer.  You’d think Samson would wise up. But noooooooo.  He told her about his hair so she had it sheered while he was asleep and the Philistines bound him with bronze chains.  He did realized that he had lost his supernatural strength while he had slept.  The enemy came upon him and gouged out his eyes.  They put him in prison and made him grind.  But his hair started growing back.

The Philistines were rejoicing that they had subdued Samson.  They asked for him to be brought in to amuse them.  Though he couldn’t see, Samson asked the boy who was leading him in to let him feel the main pillars holding up the house.  The house had 3,000 Philistine men and women on the roof watching Samson.

Samson asked the Lord to strengthen him one last time to avenge the loss of his eyes to the Philistines.  The Lord granted his wish so he was able to push down the pillars holding up the house.  He died but he took the 3,000 Philistines with him.  That was more than he had killed his entire life.  His family came down to get him and bury him.

He was the leader over Israel for twenty years though they were still ruled by the Philistines.

New Testament: John 2:1-25

John 2: 1- 12  Check Your Signs

The book of John has seven major signs in it.  Here is the first.  Jesus was at a wedding and the wine ran out.  You can’t have a decent wedding party without wine in that day.  Jesus’ mother asked  Him if He could do anything about it.  Jesus told her that His time hadn’t come yet to do miracles.  [Don’t get bent out of shape about Jesus calling His mother “Woman.”  It was a term of endearment in that day.]  But Mary told the servants to fill the water pots with water.  So they did.  Jesus changed them into wine that was so good that the chief chef was surprised that the best wine was being served late.  Usually, the best wine was served first and when everyone was drunk and couldn’t taste it anymore, they’d serve the inferior stuff.

Jesus left there and went down to Capernaum with his family and disciples.

John 1:13- 25  House Cleaning

There were two Temple cleansings.  This was the first.  The moneychangers were legit.  They were allowed to change currencies for those Israelites who made the long trek to Jerusalem for the Passover celebrations and didn’t want to have to bring their animal offerings with them.  It was allowed.  The problem was the moneychangers were cheating people in the exchange and blocking up the area of the Temple reserved for the Gentiles to come in and pray.  So Jesus took things in His own hands and drove them out.

The Jews asked Him basically Who died and left Him boss.  They didn’t know that eventually He would die and show He was Boss.  Anyway, Jesus answered them by saying if they were to destroy the Temple, He would rebuild it in three days.  They were skeptical since they had taken forty-six years (v. 20) to build the temple.  John explained that Jesus was referring to His body.  The disciples remembered that He had said this after He rose from the dead.

Many people believed in Jesus during that Passover because He did a lot of signs.  But Jesus didn’t trust the people because He knew they were sinful and capable of anything.  In fact, they later crucified Him.

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