Choose Life – “Wise Up!” – An Uplifting Verse from the OYB reading of the day – October 6

Scripture:  Colossians 2:8 NASB   “Wise Up!

“See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to Christ.”  Colossians 2:8 NASB


Everyone is a philosopher.  Did you know that?  Everyone is a theologian, too.  Did you know that?  Everyone has a philosophy of life.  Everyone has a certain way to look at life and approach to how they live every day.  Everyone has an idea of what they think of God and what they think will happen to them after they die.  Even if they don’t know what will happen to them or what they think of God, they have a theology.  It’s called agnosticism.

The Colossians were allowing themselves to be led astray from the truth that Paul had been teaching them.  He called that teaching “empty deception.”  Everything that is not Biblical ultimately is empty.  The reason is because it’s not true!  Truth about life and spiritual things is only found in the Bible.

Some preachers today will try to lead you astray by promising wealth or special spiritual knowledge.  There is special spiritual knowledge but it only found within the pages of Scripture.

Become aware today of those who would lead you astray.  Commit yourselves to the truth God has graciously given us through His Word (cf. John 8:31-32).


If you do, you will find that you are choosing life (Deut. 30:19)!

Fun Application: 

I don’t know how many people I bump into these days that have their own beliefs.  Even though they may profess to be Christians, they have their own homemade religions that they have made up.  If you ask them for a Bible verse to support what they believe, they don’t have a clue.  This is not good.

We should know what we believe (cf. 1 Pet. 3:15) and we should know why.

What do you believe today that is not biblical?


The purpose of the Choose Life is to pick a positive help out of the One Year Bible (OYB) reading plan for the day.  There is always something positive in the Word of God to cheer us and give us strength. For more on today’s reading, check out my One Year Bible blog:   Almost Cut Their Hair

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