“An Arm And A Leg” – One Year Bible Reading – May 4

Old Testament:  Judges 19:1-20:48

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Judges 19: 1 – 29   A Cut Up

During this age of lawlessness, a man brought home a concubine.  She got mad at him and ran away back to her father’s house.  The man went out to win her back.  The girl’s father welcomed the man and they partied for five days having a good old time.

Finally, the man said that’s enough and set off for home with his gal.  They were going to stay in Jerusalem but the man thought it to be too corrupt.  They got as far as a town named Gibeah but here was no place to stay so they slept on the square.  An old man came by and told them it was too dangerous to stay there and that they could stay at his house.   Everything was going pretty good when a “gang of sex perverts” (v. 22 TLB) dropped by and wanted to “have their way” with the man.  The old man dissuaded them, offering them his own virgin daughter!  Yikes!

The deviants didn’t take they deal.  They forced their way in and took the man’s concubine and raped her all night.  The man, the sensitive guy that he was, found her out on the steps the next morning clutching the door jam.  “Let’s go,” he said.  She just lay there.  Because she was dead!  So he cut her in twelve pieces and sent her parts to each of the tribes of Israel to rouse them to punish the men of Benjamin.

Judges 20: 1 – 48   The Cost Of An Arm And A Leg

The nation of Israel sent 450,000 men out to exact punitive measures against the town of Gibeah.  The army asked for the men responsible but the Benjamites wouldn’t cough them up.  Instead, 26K of the Benjies came to reinforce the 700 locals.  700 of these were lefty sharpshooters.  Israel numbered 400K at this point.

The Israelites asked counsel from Yahweh and were told to proceed.

The villagers knocked off 22K of the Israelis that day.  They asked Yahweh again if they were on track and the Lord told them again to proceed.  They lost 18K swordsmen the next day.

The Israelis wept and fasted and offered burnt offerings to the Lord.  Then they asked Yahweh, “Are you sure we’re supposed to be doing this?”  Yahweh gave them the go ahead and told them that they’d be victorious the next day.  The Israelites routed the Benjies though they slaughtered about thirty of Israelites while they were retreating.  But the retreat was a ploy by the Israelites to draw them into a trap.  10K of them ambushed the Benjies pursuing the other part of the army.  They killed 25.1 K of them that day leaving just a small remnant of Benjies.  Later, the Israeli army came back and got them, too.  They wiped out the entire tribe of Benjamin, men, women, children and animals except for 600 men who fled and hid on the Rock of Rimmon.  They burned all their cities in the region to the ground.

New Testament: John 3: 22 – 4: 3

John 3: 22 – 4: 3  Dunkers

After talking to Nicodemus, Jesus and the boys went to the area of Judea.  Jesus was baptizing there and so was John because there was a lot of water there.

Someone questioned why John was baptizing if Jesus was baptizing.  John told him that his role was that of the friend of the bridegroom.  He said that Jesus’ role would increase but his would decrease.  He was saying that Jesus was much greater than he was.  Jesus was from Heaven, he said, but no one was listening to him.  John told them to believe in Jesus if they wanted to go to Heaven.  If they didn’t it’d be God’s wrath for them and they’d end up in H-E- double hockey sticks [implied].

Jesus wasn’t actually doing the baptizing.  The boys were.  But when He heard the Pharisees were on to him, He moved back to Galilee.

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