“Why Have You Forsaken Me? Part 2” – One Year Bible Reading (Psalms/Proverbs) – January 27

Psalm 22:19-31   Why Have You Forsaken Me?  Part 2   A Lament Psalm Of David

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Psalm 22:19-31 Why Have You Forsaken Me?  Part 2

Now we tackle the second part of Psalm 22.  It is a Messianic Psalm and a lament, David crying out in pain.  David supernaturally was able to describe Jesus’ suffering on the cross about a thousand years in advance of the event.

For a third time, David asks for God’s deliverance from “the dog,” lion, and “horns of the wild oxen” (vv. 19-21).  In exchange, he will praise God before the assembly in the Temple (v. 22).  Jesus would witness through His resurrection to saints throughout all time.  We should always be witnessing to Christ’s greatness to the church and by our lives to the world (v. 23).

God will never forsake His faithful ones who call on Him (v. 24, cf. Heb. 13:5).  In Old Testament times, believers may have made promises to God they had to fulfill (cf. Lev. 22:21, e.g.).  Today we give financially to the work of the church.  We can express thanks to God through those gifts (v. 25).

God has promised to give us what we need to eat.  He doesn’t promise big mansions or cars, or any luxuries, though He may grant them.  But He does promise what we need (v. 26a, cf. Matt. 6:25-34; Phil. 4:19).  As a result, believers should praise Him (vv. 26-27).

The Lord owns everything on the earth (v. 28, cf. Ps. 50:10).  Saved and unsaved will end up worshipping God (vv. 29-31, cf. Phil. 2:9-11).

Christ took the penalty we deserved, a painful death.  Isn’t it amazing how accurately David was able to portray Jesus’ suffering?

It is left to us to praise Him for the glorious God that He is!

Proverbs 5:15-21   Slightly Awk

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All of Proverbs 5 is a warning to avoid the loose woman.  Dern, some of them are really good-looking, though.  Avoid them.  They can turn into hags really quickly (cf. A Real Hag).

When God gives you a cistern aka a spouse, you, uh, use that cistern (cf. 15).  You shouldn’t give yourself away to just anyone (v. 16).  Capiche?  In other words, you need to be faithful to the one you marry (v. 17).

You should enjoy the wife you married when you were younger (vv. 18-19, cf. Mal. 2:14-15).  The purpose is to have believing kids who go off and serve the Lord.

OK, most of the rest is too embarrassing to comment on (v. 19-20).  Sorry.  I’m not going to remark on brussels.

Charles Stanley once told us in the congregation that he told his kids that even when they were out of his sight, God was watching them (v. 21).  I usually just say something like “Don’t do anything your mother wouldn’t do.”  I yell that as they go through the door.


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