“Vanishing Acts” – One Year Bible Reading – September 15

Old Testament:  Isaiah 19:1-21:17

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Isaiah 19:1-21:17   Vanishing Acts

Chap. 19 -20: Believe it or not, Egypt, Israel, and Assyria or modern-day Iraq will join together to worship the Lord together some day (Isa. 18:7; 19:18-25; cf. Zech. 14:16, 18-19).  We know this is true because the near prophecies in these chapters have been fulfilled: Egypt and Assyria have become barren.  Therefore, the distant prophecies concerning the conversion of Muslims and the worship of Israel will also be fulfilled.  (The only way to understand these chapters is through the theology known as dispensationalism, cf. McGee, Wiersbe.)

Chap. 21:  Dumah and Seir are Edom (cf. Exod. 24:18).  The Lord offered them mercy but they refused.  By the time Jerusalem fell in 70B.C., Edom had vanished.

New Testament:  Galatians 2:1-16

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Galatians 2:1-16  Petering Out

There is a debate over which visit Paul is speaking of in verse 1.  This we know.  It was a visit.  Paul is the apostle to the Gentiles (8, cf. Rom. 11:13) and has the endorsement of Peter, James, and John, the big-wigs of the apostles (v. 9).  They agreed about the content of the gospel and Paul was only asked to remember the poor in the churches.

However, Paul and Peter “got into it” when Peter came to Antioch, the new capitol of Christianity in Gentile territory.  Peter had been eating with Gentiles, meaning he would eat anything.  But when Peter got to Antioch, he would only eat with the circumcisers (v. 12).  That caused the other Jewish Christians to follow Peter’s lead.  Even Barnabas, Paul’s companion, was distracted by what was going on (v. 13).  The result was Paul got in Peter’s face and told him he was being hypocritical.  How could he live like a Gentile at one time and then mislead the Jews at another time?

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