Spiritual Rants: August 3 “Pick A Friend Better Than Your Nose” Readings to read through the Bible in a year: 2 Chronicles 33:14-34:33 Romans 16:10-27 Psalm 26:1-12 Proverbs 20:19

Old Testament:  2 Chronicles 33:14-34:33

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2 Chronicles 33:14-34:33   No Redundancy

Here are the parallels in Kings to our section for today:

2 Kings 21:17-18                                  2 Chron. 33:14-20

2 Kings  21:19-26                                        2 Chron. 33:21-25

2 Kings 22:1-20                                        2 Chron. 34:1-3; 8-28

2 Kings 23:1-20                                       2 Chron. 34:29-33, 4-7


I have written on Manasseh, Amon and Josiah  previously here:

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

Blinded By The Light

Since I’ve written on all this before, there is no need to write on it again!

Well, we can say that Josiah was a very good king and it was cool that Huldah was a  prophetess that was consulted.  A prophetess.

New Testament:  Romans 16:10-27

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Romans 16:10-27  Holy Kisses

There is a roll call of people at the end of this letter.  They are friends and associates of Paul.  We know something about some of them but some of them we know nothing about.  They were all important to Paul and all important to God.  They were inscripturated!  Wouldn’t it be cool to have your name in Scripture?

Apelles:  may have been bishop of Smyrna or Heracleia

Aristobulus: Strangely could have been the grandson of Herod the Great!  most likely a slave of that household

Herodian:  may also have been a slave of the Herod household

Narcissus:  probably also a slave of Narcissus who was put to death by Agrippina

Tryphaena and Tryphosa:  their names mean “delicate” and “dainty” . . .  could have been older widows

Persis:  a freed person

Rufus:  the name of the dog of one of my girlfriends in high school . . .  probably had red hair since rufus means red . . .  may have been the son of Simon who helped Jesus carry His cross (cf. Mark 15:21), his mother acted like a mother to Paul

Asyncritus, Phlegon, Hermes, Patrobas, Hermas:  nothing known about them but Paul had probably led them to the Lord

Philogus, Julia, Nereus, Olympas:  nothing known but Paul knew them and loved them . . .

Timothy, Lucius, Jason, Sosipater:  were all associates of Paul who gave their greeting to the Romans

Tertius:  Paul’s amanuensis . . .  today we call them administrative assistants . . .  he wrote the letter for Paul as he dictated it . . .

Gaius, Erastus, Quartus:  Paul was staying in the home of Gaius . . .  not that there’s anything wrong with that . . .


Notice that Paul enjoins everyone to greet each other with a “holy kiss” (v. 16).   That was in about 60 A.D.  Don’t do it now.


Psalm 26:1-12    Hooked On Church    A Lament Psalm by David

Proverbs 20:19    Pick A Friend Better Than Your Nose

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Don’t hang around with people who slander anyone, gives up secrets, or gossip about anyone else (v. 19).  Ugh.  You can find somebody else who is a better friend than that, can’t you?


Choose Life: Scripture:  2 Chronicles 33:14   NASB    “The Bible And Money”

“When they were bringing out the money which had been brought into the house of the LORD, Hilkiah the priest found the book of the law of the LORD given by Moses.”   2 Chronicles 33:14


Here’s a shocker.  They found a Bible in the Temple during Josiah’s reign.  Wow.  Who woulda thunk it?  A Bible in a temple.

Here’s another shocker: when a Bible is found in a church these days.  Or even another shocker:  when a preacher in a church preaches from the Bible.

In between church starts, we visited a few local churches.  None of them really preached the Bible.  At one church, the preacher promised to preach out of Colossians, chapter 1.  He read the entire chapter and then was off to the races.  Unfortunately, the chapter had nothing to do with the races.

To preach the Bible takes special training.  The original languages must be learned, theology must be understood, a preacher needs to learn how to study the Bible and interact with commentators.  Then the art of preaching must be mastered.  The preacher himself must be spiritual, experienced, and sensitive to the Holy Spirit.  When a minister puts all these elements together in the right proportions, it might yield a pretty good sermon.  Anything less usually results in a mishmash of psychology, self-help hints, and positive thinking based on a personalized, metaphorical, tangential connection to the Word.

Manasseh had possibly destroyed all the copies of the Word but a priest may had hidden one with the money in the treasury (v. 14, did a priest hide it there thinking no one may care about the Scriptures but someone is bound to find the scrolls when mixed with some money?).  When  King Josiah found out that a copy had been found, he was convicted (v. 19) and he ordered that the nation obey the Scriptures (v. 21).  J. Vernon McGee continually reminds us that revivals begin with a emphasis on God’s Word.

Is your life centered on God’s Word?  Do you read it every day?  The early church had a belief that a person should either be in church being taught or at home reading a spiritual book or the Word every day.  How do you measure up to that?  Someone has said that you can have either a clean Bible and a dirty soul or a dirty Bible and a clean soul.

Are you taking in the Word at least once a day?


If you are, you will find that you are choosing life (Deut. 30:19)!

Fun Application: 

One way to stay in the Word every day is to read the Psalms.  You can read all of them through every month by taking the day of the month and adding 30 to it five times.  Since today is the 3rd, you would read Psalm 3, 33, 63, 93, and 123.   That will result in the reading of all 150 Psalms every 30 day month.  It is best to save Ps. 119 for a 31 day month since it so long.  (Using this method gives you a smattering of different kinds of Psalms as well as keeping you from getting lost in your reading.)  You can also read through all the Proverbs the same way.  You will only read Proverbs 31 when there are 31 days in the month which is OK since it is just about women anyway.  My wife slaps me whenever I use that joke.  Actually, Proverbs 31 could be taken as wisdom personified and would pertain also to men.  (The book is about wisdom, get it?)

Reading this blog every day is another way to stay in the Word.  Or use another reading plan.  You can also use Bible software to study topics that interest you.  The Navigators print a nice phamplet that can get you started in using a method to study the Bible.  It uses 1 Thessalonians as a model.

Remember Jesus said, “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine”!  (John 8:31).  Stay in the Word every day and you’ll be blessed.

If eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away, imagine what staying in the Word does to the devil.  The Scripture says the Bible is equal in value to refined silver and the profit greater than the gain from either silver or gold (cf. Ps. 12:6; also see Prov. 3:14)



The purpose of the “Choose Life” is to pick a positive help out of the One Year Bible (OYB) reading plan for the day. There is always something positive in the Word of God to cheer us and give us strength. For more on today’s reading, check out my One Year Bible blog:   Holy Kisses

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