“Slug ‘Em” – One Year Bible Reading (Psalms/Proverbs) – March 15

Psalm 58:1-11    A Lament Psalm by David

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Psalm 58:1-11  Slug ‘Em

Psalm 35 was an imprecatory psalm (see Big Brother, Part 1).  Psalm 58 today and Psalm 59 are also imprecatory psalms.  So are psalms  5, 10, 17, 69, 70, 79, 83, 109, 129, 137, and 140.  They are prayers that bad things happen to bad people.

I know what you’re thinking, how can we pray bad things happen to bad people when God tells us to leave retribution to Him (cf. Rom. 12:19)?   First, I think it’s OK, to vent and tell God what’s itching you (cf. Ps. 62:8).  Secondly, you can pray imprecatory psalms and leave it up to God whether He answers your prayer or not.  With that in mind . . .

David has a contention with some bad judges and politicians (v. 1).  They are dirty (vv. 2-5).  We have some like that right now.  They are out of control (v. 5).  They are like Satan. They are compared to serpents (vv. 4-5) and lions (v. 6), both figures of speech associated with the devil (cf. Gen. 3:1; Rev. 20:2; 1 Pet. 5:8).

  1. David asks that God breaks their teeth (v. 6).  He could have just prayed that they see a bad dentist.  There are plenty of them around.
  2. David then asks that they become like a flood that carries them away from him and that their weaponry misfires and implodes (v. 7).
  3. He asks that they are like a slug that leaves slime behind that evaporates in the sun (v. 8)
  4. He asks that their assault is like trying to spark a fire but the wind keeps blowing it out (v. 9)

We will eventually be able to rejoice.  God is for us (see God Is For Me).    God will glorify Himself (cf. John 16:14).  He will show the world that He is righteous!   Keep praying!


Proverbs 11:12-13  Just Walk Away

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When I get mad at someone, my wife gives me good advice, “Just Walk Away.”   Solomon is saying the same thing, “Just shut up” (v. 11). Then you can count to ten or have a cup of ice water, whatever.

No one likes a gossip.  Lots of Christians gossip when they share prayer requests.  Don’t share a lot of prayer requests.  Just shut up.  Just walk away if you are prone to do that sort of thing.   Be “trustworthy.”  “Conceal [the] matter” ! (v. 13).

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