“A Parking Lot” – One Year Bible Reading – January 8

Old Testament:   Genesis 18:16-19:36

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Genesis 18:16-19:36   A Parking Lot

Summary:  God tells Abraham He is going to level Sod0m and Gomorrah. Abe feels sorry for Sodom and asks for mercy. He asks if God can find 50 righteous people, will God spare the city? God allows this. So Abraham tries to bargain God down and gets him down to ten. If God can find only ten righteous in Sodom He will spare it. Sodom gets nuked. Two pretty gross stories show how depraved this area was and how merciful but righteous God is.

In Chapter 18:16-33, God is visiting with Abraham and tells Him that He is planning on destroying Sodom and Gomorrah because of their immorality.  Abraham knows that his nephew Lot is staying there and so bargains God down hoping to save his relative.  God could not find even ten righteous people in those towns.  If God would have found one righteous person in Sodom and Gomorrah, would He have destroyed it?  He would have removed the one person.  How do we know?  Because that is what He did!  He allowed Abraham to remove Lot and his family (cf. 2 Peter 2:7; Gen. 19:14).   

In Chapter 19, the two angels from the previous chapter came and stayed with Lot.  Lot served them dinner and they wanted to leave and sleep outside.  Lot knew what would happen if the angels stayed outside.  The local men would try to have “their way” with them.  He convinced them to stay inside but guess what?  The local men wanted to have their way with them anyway!

Lot had a brainstorm.  He thought I’ll get the men to leave by offering them my two virgin daughters (v. 5)!  That didn’t work as the men preferred other men.  So the angels blinded the townsmen but they were still trying to claw their way in (v. 11)!    The next morning Lot warned his household to abscond but his sons-in-law thought he was joking (v. 15).  The angels told them to hurry so they fled to a small town named Zoar which coincidentally means “small.”

The Lord dumped fire and brimstone on the towns of Sodom and Gomorrah (v. 24).  It was like a nuclear blast had hit it, smoke rising from the ruins (v. 28).  Lot’s wife turned around to look back though she was warned not to look back.  It would seem that her desire was to stay in the towns.  She turned into a “pillar of salt,” perhaps as salt blew back at her and covered her ( v. 17, 26).

Lot was afraid to stay in town after that as tiny as it may have been (v. 30, Zoar).  He stayed in a cave with his two daughters.  They were afraid they’d never have kids so they hatched a plan to sleep with their own father after getting him drunk (v. 32).   The plan worked and resulted in the tribes of the Moabites and the Ammonites who gave Israel trouble for years (vv. 37 -38).

New Testament: Matthew 6:25-7:14

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Matthew 6:25-7:14   Great Concern

Still in the Sermon on the Mount. The end of chapter 6 is a great promise of God’s provision for us.  When I was first saved, my life’s verse” was Matthew 6:33.  Now it’s almost the equivalent in the Old Testament, Zephaniah 3:17.

God takes care of birds and animals and He will also take care of His disciples who are doing His will.  Notice verse 34 contains a command not to worry.  If we worry, it’s a sin!  That greatly concerns me.

Chapter seven has the famous command not to judge anyone. Study this carefully. Notice that it cannot mean that we should never use critical judgment. Only five verses later we are commanded not to throw pearls to pigs. How can we know who the pigs are if we don’t think critically first?  It means we are not to rob God of His judgment of bad people.  Revenge is His, not ours (cf. Rom. 12:14-21).

Chapter 7, verse seven tells us to “ask” God for things. Notice the acrostic, “ask,” “seek,” “knock.” A-S-K. We are to be persistent.

Have you ever heard of the “golden rule”? Verse 12. Everyone used to know this rule but now it has fallen into disuse.

Verse 13 of chapter 7 indicates that lots of people will be going to Hell because comparatively few will look hard enough to find the way through Jesus (cf. John 14: 6, Jesus is the ONLY way, narrow enough?).

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  1. Oh how true like you have said Hell will be full of good people. I have heard it a lot down here I won’t go to hell IM a good person. And if you try and talk to them about Jesus or the Bible WOW some of the answer.

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