“Singing Badly” – One Year Bible Reading (Psalms/Proverbs) – July 1

Psalm 149:1-9   Hymn By Anonymous

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Psalm 149:1-9  Singing Badly

This the another “Hallelujah” psalm that begins and ends with “Praise The Lord,” in Hebrew, “Hallelujah.”  Actually, this psalm begins with praise but ends with judgment.  And even in judgment there is praise for God.

We have already seen the phrase “new song” in Psalms, most recently in Psalms 144:9.  In Isa. 42:10, Isaiah exhorts Israel to sing a new song and in the book of Revelation a new song will be sung (cf. Rev. 5:9; 14:3).

What does it mean to sing a new song (v. 1)?  It is to turn the page and move on in our lives.  We should be refreshed in Christ every day.  Of course, to do that, we must change then times of refreshing will come (cf. Acts 3:19).  Our goal in life should be to allow God to change us to be more like Christ every day and change from one degree of glory to another (cf. 2 Cor. 3:18).  In a sense, we can be born again (cf. John 3:3) every day.  Technically, we can only be reborn once.  But practically, we can leave our old selves behind in a new way and become new every day (cf. Phil. 3:13).

One way to be renewed is to praise the Lord in a new way every day (vv. 2-3).  We can use all kinds of musical instruments, sing, listen to Christian music or just great music.  We could try dancing to the Lord, though I recommend doing that behind closed doors where no one can see you.  Some of you should only sing in the shower, by the way.

The Scripture does enjoin making a joyful “noise” (cf. Ps. 66:1; 81:1; 95:1-2; 98:4, 6; and 100:1).  Even if you just make some noise for the Lord, God will love it (v. 4).  You will just be one of the “afflicted ones.”

If you are a really bad singer, you can just sing on your bed and into your pillow (v. 5).  You can one day accompany Christ when he comes back and punish his enemies with your singing as well as a really good sword (v. 6, cf. Zech. 14:3-5; 1 Thess. 3:13; Jude 14-15).

God will use the ones who are saved to bring judgment on the nations (vv. 7-9).  God will set all the records straight some day.  We can take comfort in that.  I believe we will be there, as God’s people, to witness it all.

Those of us who have been abused and misused can take comfort that in the near future, God will set everything straight and comfort the afflicted (v. 4)!

At that time, not only will the “born again” be there, but all things shall be made new (cf. Rev. 21:5)!

Proverbs 18:8  When Talk Is Cheep, Cheep, Cheep

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My favorite musical is The Music Man.  One of the greatest songs from a musical is “Cheep, Cheep, Cheep.”  Ok, no it’s not.  But it is pretty humorous.  The “cheep, cheep, cheep” part is onomatopoeia.  That means it’s a word from the sound of something associated with what is named.  In other words, “cheep, cheep” is the sound of gossip in the context of the song and play.  In small towns, people talk a lot.  And that talk is “cheep” (I know it’s misspelled!  It’s a pun!).

Of course in little churches there is no gossip.  Oh, wait.  Yeah, there is.  Lots of it.  And the gossip can really hurt people.  Though it feels good to release those delicacies through the mouth, they often end up in other people’s stomachs.  And then they make people sick.  In fact, they infect the entire church.

So though you may think if you whisper the gossip, no one will really ever hear it.  They will.  And it will hurt the cause of Christ.

So don’t do it.

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