“Not So Cute, Eutychus” – One Year Bible Reading – June 30

Old Testament: 2 Kings 17:1-18:12

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2 Kings 17: 1 – 23   Trippin’ Out

Here again is the chart of the kings.  Below I have listed the kings in the order given in Scripture highlighting Yahweh’s evaluation of each of them.  The name of any new king listed is also in bold print.

Kings Israel and Judah

Bad (Last) King In Israel:  Coincident with the twelfth year of Ahaz in Judah, Hoshea became king in Israel for nine years.  He submitted to the king of Assyria and paid him taxes though he apparently allowed his people to go to Jerusalem sacrifice.  He tried to pull a fast one by aligning himself with the king of Egypt but that was a mistake since Egypt couldn’t help him.  So the king of Assyria marched on Hoshea and took him captive and besieged Samaria for three years.  Samaria collapsed in the ninth year of Hoshea and was taken captive into Assyria ending the over two hundred years of history of the northern kingdom (931- 722 b.c.).

This occurred because the northern kingdom did not follow the commands of the Lord (v. 7-23, esp. v. 16, 19) and followed the ways of their first king, Jeroboam I.

2 Kings 17: 1 – 23  Not Lyin’

The king of Assyria brought men from Babylon and a few other places and settled them in the Samarian regions.  They had no regard for Yahweh though they were living in His land.  So the Lord sent lions who killed some of them.  The new inhabitants complained that they didn’t know the customs of Israel and were punished for it.  So the king of Assyria told them they could have a a priest live there from amongst the exiles to teach them.  But they still made idols according to their own customs and still sacrificed their children by burning them.

These new inhabitants feared the Lord but they continued in their pagan ways.

2 Kings 17: 1 – 12   Not Hesitating

Good King In Judah:  Coincident with the third year of Hoshea in Israel, Hezekiah became king in Judah for twenty-nine years.  He was twenty-five when he took over.  He was a good king and pleased Yahweh. He removed the high places of idol worship including the Asherah poles with images of female deities.  He also destroyed the bronze serpent made by Moses because Israel had been burning incense to it.

Hezekiah was the best of all the kings in the southern kingdom.  He wholeheartedly worshipped Yahweh and kept his commandments.

Yahweh prospered him.  He successfully warded off the king of Assyria and defeated the Philistines.

The king of Assyria besieged Samaria in the fourth year of Hezekiah’s reign.  In Hezekiah’s sixth year, the northern kingdom was taken into exile because Yahweh was sick of them disobeying Him.  They refused to follow the laws of Moses and paid dearly for it.

New Testament:  Acts 20:1-38

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Acts 20: 1 – 16   Not So Cute, Eutychus

After things calmed down in Ephesus, Paul took off for northern Greece, Macedonia.  He spent three months in lower Greece when the Jews tried to exterminate him.  So he caught a boat to Syria to return to northern Greece.  During the Feast of Unleavened Bread, he left from Philippi for Troas where he stayed for seven days.

On a Sunday, Paul started teaching and continued past midnight that day.  A young man named Eutychus was sitting on the window sill.  It was apparently way past his bed time and he slipped into a deep sleep and fell three stories and died.  Paul went down and laid down on top of him and then pronounced him alive.  He went back upstairs and starting eating and speaking again until daybreak.  Then he took off.  The boy was fine.

Paul passed down the coast of Turkey with the goal of being in Jerusaelem by the day of Pentecost.

Acts 20: 17 – 38   Goodbye Ephesus

After Paul left Miletus he came to Ephesus to address the elders of the church there.  He said

1)  He had never been afraid to tell them whatever God wanted them to know despite threats from the Jews

2)  He taught them in their houses

3)  Paul preached that they had to change their minds about God and to trust Him in faith

4)  Paul was on his way to Jerusalem and didn’t know what would await him there except the Holy Spirit told him he’d be bound

5)  Paul’s afflictions didn’t bother him because he didn’t care whether he stayed alive or not.  He only wanted to do what God wanted him to do and preach about God’s grace.

6)  Paul told them they wouldn’t see him again but was comforted that he told them everything about salvation and God’s purposes

7)  Paul told them that “wolves” would come to devour the sheep in the flock.  Some of them would actually be some of the wolves who would try to cause the sheep to stray.

8)  Paul wanted them to remember that he had spent three years there exhorting them with all his heart.

9)  Paul wanted them to continue in the Word so they would get their full inheritance by being faithful in growing in holiness.

10)  Paul reminded them that he never wanted to make a lot of money off them but basically paid his own way to sustain himself and his friends.

11)  Paul wanted to model hard work and generosity since Jesus had said, “‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Paul knelt down and prayed with them after he had finished speaking.  They all hugged and cried and kissed Paul.  The thing that upset them most was that Paul said they’d never see him again.  They all went with him down to his ship.

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