“Nabal Observatory” – One Year Bible Reading – May 19

Old Testament: 1 Samuel 24:1-25:44

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1 Samuel 24: 1 – 22  Saul Lucks Out The First Time

Saul found out David was hiding out in the caves of Engendi so pursued him with 3K men.  At the time that Saul had to “make water,” some of David’s men spotted him in a cave.  David’s men thought, “Whoopee!  This is the day the Lord has made!”  But David was not rejoicing or glad in it.  Instead of sending Saul to the next world, he just cut off the end of his robe instead.  Then he even felt bad about that since Saul had been God’s choice to lead Israel, at least for the time being.  Saul left the cave, none the wise for his fashion faux-pas.

David called after Saul after he had left.  Saul turned around and looked at him.  When Saul turned around, David laid on the ground.  David said he had had the opportunity to off him and didn’t.  He asked Saul why he believed his aides that David was trying to kill him.  He told Saul that he was nothing to him, like a flea or a deceased canine.  He told Saul that if he looked down he could see that David was only trying to be true to the Lord.  Saul may have thought he had some paper on his sandal but should have been able to see that the end of his robe was missing.

Saul told David that he had definitely won the righteousness battle.  He said he knew David would be rewarded by the Lord with the kingdom.  Though David had cut his robe, he asked David not to cut off his descendants.  And David said that he wouldn’t.   Saul and David both retreated to their respective corners.

1 Samuel 25: 1 – 44  Nabal Gazing

Samuel died.  This is mentioned again in chap. 28: 3.  David didn’t attend the funeral mostly likely because Saul’s spies would have been there.  Everyone knew David’s regard for Samuel anyway.

There was a rich man living in Carmel (for those living in Indiana:  duh!).  Here’s how rich he was, he owned 3K sheep and a thousand goats.  His name was Nabal.  LOL.  Oh, I need to tell you, Nabal means “fool.”  Who would do this to a kid?  Name him Fool?  Well, he lived up to his name.  Here’s another question:  what kind of a woman would marry someone named “Fool”?  We’re going to find out.

David’s men had been guarding the area which meant that Nabal and his livestock were safe because of David.   So David asked Nabal if he could make a donation to his men when they came to town for the festival.

Nabal’s wife was Abigail and she was pretty and bright.  Her name means “my father’s joy.”  What a delight!  But her husband was a dork.  He was greedy and selfish and truth be told, not very intelligent.

When David’s men came to the Fool and asked for the donation, Nabal replied, “David who?”  When David heard the report he was rather stirred.  David took half of his 400 men and took off for Nabal’s place.

One of Nabal’s men tipped off Abigail that David was coming to put the hurt on the Fool.  Nabal was obviously rooting for the wrong side but Abigail was more spiritual.  She was siding with David.  She took bread, wine and sheep and other victuals to appease David.  She didn’t let the Fool know what she was doing.  David had just been thinking that anyone should pity the fool that doesn’t appreciate what he’d done for him.   David was thinking that he was going to vaporize Nabal and all his men.

Just then Abigail pulled up on her donkey.  She fell on her face before David.  She asked David not to pay attention to the Fool.  She said, “No kidding.  His name really is Fool.  And you can see why!”  Abigail said, “I didn’t get your message at first.  But please accept these gifts now for your men.  I know you are on the Lord’s side.  And when you take over, please remember me.”

David replied, “Thanks for stopping me from slaughtering all your working men.  Go ahead home and everything will be OK.”

The Fool was off having the feast of king at his house when Abigail got back.  Nabal was as drunk as a skunk, feeling no pain, plowed out of his mind so Abigail left him alone.  The next morning Abigail then told the Fool what had happened with David.  Nabal’s heart fossilized.  By around the ten-day mark, the Lord had sucked all the life out of Nabal and had moved him on to his next phase.

When David heard about the Fool, he said, in essence, “I guess what goes around, comes around!  The Lord took care of him for me!”

Then it must have dawned on him how great a wife Abigail would make so he married her.  For some reason, David didn’t think one wife was enough so he also married a woman named Ahinoam.  Maybe it took two to take the place of Michal whom Saul had given to someone else.  But I doubt it.

New Testament: John 10: 22- 42

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John 10: 22- 42  Some Baa’d Sheep

Jesus was walking in the Temple in winter when some Jews approached him and asked why He didn’t just say straight out that He was the Messiah.  Jesus said He had said it straight out but they couldn’t hear because they weren’t his sheep.  Only His sheep could hear His voice and they were the ones who would follow Him.  He said they would have eternal life and be secure, no one would be able to steal them away from Him (v. 28).  He said the Father would keep His sheep secure, too (29).  He said the Father and He did the same things, had the same desires and, in fact, were the same.  By that He meant that He was God.

The Jews were torqued at that point and were about to stone Him for blasphemy and saying He was God.  Jesus asked what good thing had He done to deserve stoning.  The Jews said it wasn’t for anything He had done but because He said He was God.  He told them that if He was doing what God wanted Him to do, they shouldn’t be looking to harm Him.  They got even more angry and tried again to arrest Him but He just walked away.

He went to the place where John had been baptizing.  It dawned on a bunch of the spectators that everything John had said about Jesus was true.  And a lot of them put their faith and trust in Him there.

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