“Mane Man!” – One Year Bible Reading (Psalms/Proverbs) – November 18

Psalm 117:1-2  Millifulous Millennial Ecumenical Acclamations  A Hymn By Anonymous

Proverbs 28:1    Mane Man!

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I love lions.  It’s because of Revelation 5:5 where Christ is represented as a lion.  It’s no doubt where C.S. Lewis picked up the idea for Aslan, the lion, in his Narnia series.

Most of us are scared of lions.  We should be.  They are scary.  They are big.  They are powerful.  They are loud.

There should be an element of fear in approaching God (cf. Heb. 4:16; Heb. 12:18-21; Rev. 4:5).

No wonder why the wicked and unholy flee from unblemished and unexpurgated holiness.

If you don’t ‘fess up (cf. 1 Cor. 1:9), you should abscond, too!

I’m not lyin’.  Or even prevaricating.

You know if you never lie, you never have to cover up for yourself.  You can be as audacious as God would be in the same situation (cf. Josh. 1:9).  Or even Jesus.

But then what happened to Him?

Do you have the courage to be like Mane Man!

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