“For The Love Of God” – One Year Bible Reading – February 14

Old Testament:   Exodus 37:1-38:31

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Exodus 37:1-38:31    For The Love Of God


Everything for the Tabernacle was paid for in advance.

Only the best was used for all, that was their stance.


Exodus 37:1-38:31

Exodus 37:1-29  Furnishings finished

More work, more construction.  You can speed read this section unless you are a contractor or a carpenter.

Bezalel made the ark, the mercy seat (“seat of atonement” NIV), the table the lampstand and altar of incense according to directions previously mentioned.  The lampstand and mercy seat were gold, the others were made of acacia wood.  He also prepared the  holy anointing oil and did the work of a “perfumer” to create the incense.

Exodus 38:1-20  Tabernacle finished

Even more work, more construction.  Bezalel made the altar of burnt offering and the laver of bronze.  Then he worked on the courtyard and the curtains.  Only the best materials were used, silver, gold and bronze.  Even the nails were bronze.  The curtains were made of linen with blue, purple and scarlet thread.

Exodus 38:21-31  Tabernacle paid

Everything was paid for in shekels which were a weight of precious metal.  They were not coins. The NIV margin states that over a ton of gold was used, about 3 3/4 tons of silver and about two and a half tons of bronze.  Notice they didn’t borrow any money.  They had enough to pay for everything.  Just sayin.’


More work was done until the Tabernacle was finished.


New Testament:   Matthew 28:1-20

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Jesus had already risen from the dead.

Two Marys expected a grave but met an angel instead.

The religious leaders said the true story would be banned.

The disciples were given a Great Command.


Matthew 28:1-15   He is Risen Indeed!

Mary Magdalene and the other Mary came to look at the grave on the first day of the week (the reason we have worship services now on Sunday).  As mentioned, there had been an earthquake, apparently from an angel rolling away the stone meant to keep anyone from stealing the body of Jesus.  The angel’s appearance was “like lightning” and his clothes were as white as snow.  (Look out the window, remember snow?)  The guards had a normal reaction.  They fainted.

I like it when angels say, “Don’t be afraid.”  They always seem to say that.  Everyone seems to faint anyway.  These women were maybe of tougher stock.  They didn’t faint.  The angel said that Jesus had kept His word and wasn’t there.  He had risen!  They could even take the tour of the tomb (about 1 sec) and see that He was gone.  The angel told them to tell the disciples that Jesus had risen from the dead and was going ahead of them to Galilee.

Meanwhile, back in Jerusalem, the Temple guards reported the story to the chief priests.  Brilliant guys that they were, they all assembled and decided to pay off the cops.  The cover story, “The disciples stole the body.”  “We’ll take care of the governor,” they said.  So that’s the story the police had been spreading even up to the time of Matthew’s writing.

Matthew 28:16-20   Get out of here, I mean it!

The remaining “eleven” disciples met Jesus in Galilee and worshipped Him.  Jesus told them to “make disciples” in all the nations, not just Israel.  In Acts He will tell them to go beyond Judea, Samaria and to go to all  the world.  The gospel was going to be offered to all, not just Jews.  They were to baptize their disciples and teach them everything He had taught them.  They were to continue till “the end of the age.”


Jesus rises from the dead.  Mary Magdalene and another Mary visited the grave and found the stone had been moved away by an angel.  The authorities paid off the Temple guards to lie, saying the disciples had stolen the body.  Jesus gave the disciples the Great Commission to spread the word about His resurrection and make other disciples around the world.

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