“Let’s Eat!” – One Year Bible Reading – March 19

Old Testament: Numbers 28: 16-29:40

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Numbers 28: 16-29:40   The Feasts, Part Deux

Yahweh makes clear the offerings to be given in the Promised Land as the people are about to enter it.  We began yesterday but here is the whole list of offerings and feasts.

1)  The daily offerings: two lambs  (Nu. 28: 3-8)

2)  Once-a-week Sabbath offerings: two lambs  (Nu. 28: 9-10

3)  The New Moon offerings, given once a month: two bulls, a ram, seven lambs, a kid  (Nu. 28: 11-15)

4)  Passover offerings on the fourteenth day of the first month: no sacrifices listed  (Nu. 28: 16)

5)  The Unleavened Bread offerings given on the fifteenth day before twenty-first day of the first month: two bulls, a ram, seven lambs    (Nu. 28: 17-25)

6)  Feast of Weeks, no date given: two bulls, one ram, seven lambs  (Nu. 28: 26-31)

7)  Feast of Trumpets on the first day of the seventh month (New Year’s Day):  one bull, one ram, and seven male lambs and a goat  (Nu. 29: 1-6)

8)  Day of Atonement on the tenth day of the seventh month:  same as for the Feast of Trumpets  (Nu. 29: 7-11)

9)  Feast of Booths between the fifteenth and twenty-second days of the seventh month:  one hundred and five lambs, fifteen rams, seventy-one bulls, and eight goats  (Nu. 29: 12-38)


New Testament: Luke 3:23-28

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Luke 3: 23-28  Genealogy of Jesus through Mary

There are only two genealogies of Jesus in the New Testament.  One is here.  The other is in Matthew.  Matthew traces the genealogy of Jesus back through Joseph.  Luke traces the genealogy of Jesus through Mary.  Matthew emphasizes Jesus’ Jewish lineage (natch!).  Luke traces Jesus’ genealogy back to Adam emphasizing Jesus’ connection with all mankind.  Matthew traces Jesus’ genealogy up from Abraham emphasizing Jesus’ Hebrew roots.  The genealogy in Luke also goes through David but avoids going through King Zeconiah (Jer.22:30) who was cursed.

The lineage through Joseph is through adoption and notice Luke’s careful wording, “as was supposed, the son of Joseph.”  It allows for the Virgin Birth.

As mentioned before in this blog, it is interesting that sin must come through fathers since Jesus was sinless (Heb. 4: 15) and had Mary as an earthly mother.  She must not have contaminated Him. His Father was God.  Sin must be passed down through the fathers (cf. Rom. 5: 12).

Jesus began His ministry when He was “about” thirty (Lk. 3: 23), the same age as someone entering Levitical service (Nu. 4: 47).

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