“King-dumbs” – One Year Bible Reading – September 16

Old Testament:  Isaiah 22:1-24:23

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Isaiah 22:1-24:23   King-dumbs

Chap. 22: This is a prophecy about Jerusalem again (cf. v. 4, 8, 9-10).  McGee quotes Dr. F.C. Jennings to say, “This section refers to the future.  The history eventuated in the deliverance of Jerusalem, the prophecy in its capture; therefore the history does not fulfill it.”  In verses 20-21, Shebna is a “type of” the Antichrist and Eliakim is a “type” of Christ.  In verse 23-25, the “peg” is symbolic of the Antichrist whom the Jews will pin their hope to, but the nail will bend and not support their hope.

Chap. 23:  A “burden” is a judgment.  This one is on Tyre.  Compare Ezekiel 26.  McGee believes Tyre is symbolic of big business.  It will be destroyed.  David made alliances with Hiram of Tyre.  Tyre is now a city in Lebanon.  The same area was a city in ancient Phoenicia.

Chap. 24: Chapters 13-23 have been fulfilled for the most part.  The next section will be fulfilled in end times.

McGee makes great observations on v. 17 which are more based on Matt. 24:4, “take heed that no one deceive you . . . .”  Here is what he says.

“How many people there are who are being deceived today! They are deceived about life. How many people are even thinking about eternity? Not many. Most people think only of the here and now. Science is now rejecting the creation account—they don’t want it. This is a great day of deception. You can be deceived by science; you can be deceived by politicians; you can be deceived by the news media; you can be deceived by the military; and you can be deceived by all of the malcontents who are protesting today.”

I attended a session of a Creation conference over the weekend.  Almost no one was there.  People are so deceived about Genesis 1.  That is where Satan starts.  He ends in the Great Tribulation.

(Note to dispensationalists:  McGee believes that v. 22 indicates that Tribulation believers will be resurrected to live in the Millennial Kingdom.)

New Testament:  Galatians 2:17-3:9

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Galatians 2:17-3:9   Bewitched?

Paul reiterates what he has already said in Romans 7.  He has died to the Law.  In other words, the Law no longer motivates him in his life.  His motivation is now his love for Christ or rather Christ’s love for him.  Verse 20 (which should definitely be memorized!!) states that Christ died in Paul’s place.  This is called “substitutionary atonement.”  It may sound scary but it just means that Christ died in our place, He is our substitute.  He died the death that we deserved.  “He paid a debt He didn’t owe because we owed a debt we couldn’t pay.”  His motivation is not the law anymore.  His motivation is Christ who “gave Himself” for him.

In chapter three, Paul asks his famous question, “Who has ‘bewitched’ you, you crazy Galatians?” (v. 1).  Who has put a spell on you for you to act so nuts?  If they received the Spirit by faith, why are they reverting to trying to live by the law? (v. 3). The law couldn’t enervate them.  Only the Spirit could (v. 3).

And they had suffered (v. 4).  Was that for the law?  Miracles of the Spirit were done amongst them.  They had nothing to do with the law or legalism.

Paul explained that Abraham was the model of all those who believe (v. 6, 9).  The children of Abraham are the ones who live by faith not by the law (v. 7).  It was all a part of God’s plan to save everyone, including the Gentiles, by faith (v. 8).

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