“Honest Engine” – One Year Bible Reading – August 27

  Old Testament:  Job 23:1-27:23

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Job 23:1-27:23    Honest Engine

I’ve been amazed that Satan always seems to try to hit me in my point of strength.  I would think he’d go after my weak points.  Guess he doesn’t care about those since they’re weak points anyway.  What was Job’s strongest point?  I would think his integrity.  His integrity was the thing that drove him.  His integrity is mentioned six times in Job in the NASB.  Once by God, once by Job’s wife, once by Eliphaz, once by Bildad and two times by Job (cf. Job 2:3; Job 2:9; Job 4:6; Job 8:20; Job 27:5; Job 31:6).  If you can destroy someone’s integrity, you have destroyed the person.  That is certainly true in the case of a minister.  Destroy his integrity and why would anyone listen to anything he says?  It would make sense then that Yahweh would challenge Satan to attack Job’s integrity (cf. Job 2:3).

Why did God allow Satan to attack Job’s integrity?  It seems that God already knew that Job had integrity (Job 2: 3; “blameless,” Job 1: 8).  This was spiritual warfare central at the time.  The battle between God and Satan centered on Job.  Everything depended on Job.  Now God knew the outcome ahead of time.  He knew Job would stand up under Satan’s barrage.   He deemed Job capable of holding the banner for all believers.  The problem was that Job didn’t know.  He is clearly in the dark about what’s going on behind the curtain of Heaven.  He would like to peek behind the curtain but God  is not allowing him, at least not yet.

In chapter twenty-three, Job again expresses his desire to present his case to God directly.  He continues to wonder why he is being afflicted since he is such a good guy.

In chapter twenty-four, Job says he just doesn’t understand.  There’s so many really bad guys out there, why would God pick on him? 

In chapter twenty-five, Bildad (the height of a shoe) says all men are dorks.  Women have told me this is true.

In chapter twenty-six, Job smacks his friends for being such bad comforters.  Then he recites a paean to God that is wonderful.  The first break in the clouds in quite a while.

In chapter twenty-seven, Job continues his own defense in his eighth answer to his friends in this third cycle of the debate.  (Yawn.)

New Testament:  2 Corinthians 1:12-2:11

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2 Corinthians 1:12-2:11  Let ‘Em In

Paul tells the Corinthians that he has always acted toward them with utmost honesty and integrity.  He is proud of them and hopes they are also proud of him.

Paul says he hasn’t come to them yet because he is afraid he might bring sadness at this point.  He is afraid he’ll have to rebuke them.  He would rather come in joy.  He explains that he doesn’t make his plans on a whim but tries to be sensitive to the Spirit by Whom they have been sealed and Who is their downpayment on the next life (v. 22).

In chapter two, Paul says he wrote them in great pain because he wanted the best for them.  He wants to show them the love of Christ.

The man Paul wrote about in 1 Cor. 5 might have caused anguish to Paul but more so to everyone in the body (v. 5).  Paul tells the Corinthians that the man’s punishment has been sufficient and they should let him back into the fellowship.  They are to make sure that he feels loved (v. 8) and to forgive him (v. 10).  They are to make sure they have totally forgiven the man so that Satan can not weasel his way into the church working his evil schemes.

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