“Foe Be Gone” – One Year Bible Reading (Psalms/Proverbs) – June 11

Psalm 129:1-8   A Song Of Trust By Anonymous

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Psalm 129:1-8   Foe Be Gone

Psalm 129 has been described as a song of trust for Israel.  It has also been categorized as a song of thanksgiving or even a lament.  I think that means it could be anything.  I report, you decide.  I would think the last line would make it a lament.  It’s kind of a downer.  But then sometimes those types of psalms are encouraging to me because I think of how the psalmist has persevered despite his circumstances and trusted the Lord (cf. Ps. 88, e.g.).

This poor person, representing the nation of Israel, has been persecuted since he was a boy (v. 1).  I can identify.  The neighborhood kids used to whip me with the zippers of their jackets, leaving welts on my face.  Unfortunately, a few years later I grew up and let one of them have it.  The others stopped.  It is a shame that many people in our country don’t realize how evil acts and that it can only be stopped by force.  That is why God has given the government the perogative of wielding the sword (cf. Rom. 13:4).  I believe individuals also have the right to defend themselves against abuse.  Jesus allowed His followers to take swords to defend them against those who would harm them while giving out the gospel (cf. Luke 22:36, 38).

God protects those who trust Him (v. 2) even if they first leave their mark (v. 3).  The Lord will take His vengeance (v. 4, cf. Rom. 12:19).  I let a lot of insults go past me.  My persecutors may have wished I had dealt with things instead of the Lord.  He can be severe and very fair (cf. Heb. 12:29; Ps. 116:5; 103:10).

Israel has withstood the worst persecution of any nation in history.  Anyone who has tried to destroy them has been “put to shame” (v. 5).  When all other nations are gone, Israel will remain (cf. Jer. 31:36).  Their enemies will wilt like grass on a thatched roof (v. 6).  They will be like produce left behind by harvesters (v. 7).

No one, in the end, will sarcastically pronounce blessing on the Jews.  The Jews will remain, their oppressors will be gone (v. 8; cf. Jer. 31:36).

Proverbs 17:1   The Silence Of The Lamb

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Christians love food.  It is the only sin they really believe is covered by grace.  Check out the buffets on Sunday afternoon after church.

I used to love feasting.  I still like it a lot but I know what it can do to my aging body!   And I think the food was a lot healthier in Solomon’s day.  There were also no fast food joints or DQ’s!

However, Solomon wanted his son to know that despite all the feasts that they had had at their royal residence, if his son could have a few crumbs and the silence of the Lamb, he’d be a lot better off.


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