“Boomerang Slang” – One Year Bible Reading (Psalms/Proverbs) – March 21

Psalm 64:1-10   A Lament Psalm by David

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Psalm 64:1-10  Boomerang Slang

Psalm 64 is one of my favorite psalms.  I had to write a paper on it in Hebrew class in cemetery, I mean, seminary.

David is filing a complaint with God (v. 1).  He wants to be released from the dread he feels from being pursued by murderers.  This psalm was probably written after he had been anointed by Samuel to be king but still had to flee Saul and hid out in the wilderness.  He had been in the inner circle of Saul’s counselors and knew what went on there.  He asks God to protect him against Saul’s consultants (v. 2).

David uses a metaphor for the accusations launched against him (v. 3).   His accusers “sharpened their tongues [s]” as if they were swords.  Since they knew David, they would have known exactly how to hurt him with their words.  They would have been able to use their communication to harm David the same as if they had shot poisoned arrows into his back.  Note that Satan shoots “flaming arrows” at believers (cf. Eph. 6:16).

Those who are closest to you may be able to “push your button.”  Satan and his demons track believers and know what their sore points are.  They serve as the inner circle counselors to those who want to hurt you.  Does that explain how people that you don’t even know are able to hurt you so deeply?  They could be satanically inspired.

Pastors are particularly susceptible to attacks.  Satan will ensure that their arrows hit their marks.   The best place to attack a pastor that is serving the Lord is get people to doubt their integrity.  A pastor without integrity has lost all power to persuade and to teach (cf. Eph. 4:11d, could be translated as “pastor-teachers,” the main job of a pastor is to teach his flock the Word).  I was amazed as a pastor that I could be attacked in the area of my integrity since I thought that was one of my strongest characteristics.  Then I realized that Satan often attacks not in our weakest point but in our strongest.  If he can nullify our strengths, we not have anything left with which to serve the Lord.  He’s a crafty devil.

Our assailants may try to ambush us (v. 4).  They also set traps and hope we will step in them (v. 5) thinking they are being clever.  God would often tip me off supernaturally when an attack was going to occur so I would be prepared for it ahead of time.

I think crooks and creeps always believe they can get away with whatever they are planning (v. 6).  But they usually think of themselves more highly than they ought (cf. Rom. 12:3).  They usually get caught.

If we are trusting God, as David was, we will observe that God will protect us, He will shoot His arrows at them (v. 7).  They are the ones who will be ambushed.  Vengeance is God’s (cf. Rom. 12:19 quoting Deut. 32:35).  Our enemies will find out to their surprise that they are the ones bleeding (v. 7b).

If we are honest and trust the Lord, the ones trying to hurt us may find they are falling into the same traps they have laid for us (v. 8).  The story of Hangman, I mean, Haman in the story of Esther is a prime example.  Haman was hung on the same gallows that he had prepared to hang God’s man, Mordecai (cf. Esther 7:9-10).  He was one surprised hangman.  His retribution was swift and unexpected.  Many who watched him drop, I’m sure, were “sth,” shaking their heads.

When people hear about these things, they will recognize God’s sovereignty and power.  They will “fear” the Lord (v. 9).  The Lord will be glorified.  The book of Esther is about the sovereignty of God.  People have read it for thousands of years and given glory to God for His power and strength.  For thousands of years, the Jews have celebrated the event that saved their people on the holiday of Purim (cf. Esther 9:26-28, celebrated this week by Jews).

Don’t you love to hear when a believer is exonerated and honored for trusting the Lord?  I do.  Those who truly trust the Lord can take “refuge” in Him (v. 10, cf. Ps. 62:8).

Ultimately, all those who have trusted in the Lord will celebrate when all is put right with the world when Christ reigns (cf. Rev. 19:6; 21:14-15).

Can you have the same attitude as David?  Allow vengeance to the Lord.  Let him guard your honor and His!

Proverbs 11:22    Lipstick On A Pig

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Have you ever seen a gold ring in the nose of a pig?  I think they are called septum rings today.  Not septic rings but septum rings.   They actually are rings that go through someone’s nose.  Who ever thought of that?  But know that if you have one, you are welcome at our church as long as you don’t sneeze.

A woman who is gorgeous is compared to a pig with a nose ring.  A pig is a pig is a pig to quote Gertrude Stein.  Or maybe it was a rose is a rose . . .  whatever.  Or Shakespeare, “a pig by any other name . . . .”  Or was that a rose?  You get the point.  Or you can’t put lipstick on a pig, it’ll still be a pig.

You can dress up a pig but you can’t take them out.

OK.  You’re getting this right?  A beautiful woman can be an airhead.  Google Hollywood beauties.

You got it now?  Be careful who you marry!  Find a fine Christian believer and make sure you are not unequally yoked or the yoke could be on you (see The Yoke Is On You).

They are now coming to put me back in the pun-itentiary.

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